Call Center Service


Set Up Your Business Phone Numbers

At EZ Leads, we recognize how precious your time is, so let us help you set up your business phone numbers directly within our system so you can focus more on your efficiency and connecting with your audience. Pick your numbers and we will make sure everything in the call system with our centers is running smoothly for you.

Hunt Groups

In a call center, a hunt group is defined as a system or rules and connections that determine how calls are routed through various groups of users; our system will do this to make sure to find someone to answer your customer’s call as quickly as possible. We wouldn’t want to worry about losing a sale because there is no one available to take our customer’s call, so we make sure this never happens to you, too.

Direct to Sales

If you have a potential customer call in, you wouldn’t want them to get stuck in a confusing call system and lose their sale, would you? With the EZ Leads call center system, we can quickly determine the nature of a call and make sure to route it to the proper sales agent to schedule the appointment or close the deal.

Branded Greetings Just for You

You can’t forget to put your best foot forward, and over the phone, that is through professional greetings and a system that sounds as professional as you are. With our call center systems, we can create a full-service call menu that properly directs calls depending upon your customer’s needs or questions. No matter if you are in the office or not, our system can provide that special touch you give through each interaction during business hours.

Call Features, Included

We offer all the great call center features that give your business the professional sound your customers will remember. Our system includes things such as call forwarding when necessary, call queues so people can recognize how busy and successful your business is, and even easy call transferring for those special request phone calls. We know you would want to give your customer the best possible experience on the phone, so that is what we intend on providing to you.